Connecting Hearts and Minds

Book's coverIn today’s global village, finding common ground is essential if we hope to thrive and realize our potential. This is just as true for nations and organizations as it is for individuals. Unfortunately, personal and cultural differences can bring out the worst in us, creating stress, misunderstandings and lost opportunities.

At the heart of these problems are the subjective differences in our perceptions, feelings and thoughts that drive our behaviours. Because these subjective differences in our internal worlds are not visible, they can make the other seem selfish, ignorant and even immoral. Such negative attributions make it that much harder to understand and cooperate with the other person. By making us more aware of these subjective differences, mindsight increases our ability to build better, more mutually-satisfying relationships.

Mindsight not only allows us to better understand our own thoughts and feelings, but it also enables us to develop the empathy and caring attitudes we need to understand the other. This, in turn, allows us to communicate and cooperate more successfully. As we become more self-aware we see how our thoughts and feelings influence our words and nonverbal behaviours and how these, in turn, affect the other person. As our mindsight grows, we find better ways to promote rapport and trust while reducing alienation and polarization.

Based on exciting new findings from the human sciences, this groundbreaking book uses an integral approach to help you develop the mindsight and other skills you need to manage diversity and build trust. Much of our personal and cultural conditioning occurs outside of conscious awareness and we are often blind to the ways our identities shape our world views and influence how we speak. By understanding the three-way interaction between cultures, minds, and communication styles, you can raise your awareness to better manage the differences you encounter in your life.

Connecting Hearts and Minds is a hopeful book. Illustrated with detailed examples from a wide range of cultures, it provides essential insights into the art and science of dealing with diversity. Its true stories inspire and motivate the reader as they present the skills and best practices you need for personal and professional success in the 21st century.