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The German Connection, Inc. (Greg Nees) is a fervent believer in the privacy of the individual and does its utmost to respect and protect whatever personal data it collects in order to run its business operations and to market its services. Greg Nees is diligent in taking the appropriate safety measures to guard all personal data and to always protect the privacy of all individuals who have a relationship with Greg Nees.

What Greg Nees collects: Greg Nees only collects personal data needed for the running of Greg Nees’s business operations or to market TGC’s services. This personal data can include names, phone numbers, email addresses and physical addresses of customers, clients, suppliers and subscribers to our newsletter.

Greg Nees does not collect sensitive data pertaining to an individual’s health, ethnic origin, political, religious or philosophical beliefs, genetic or biometric data, sexual life or orientation or any criminal record.

Greg Nees always asks for permission: Greg Nees always notifies individuals that personal data is being collected and asks for their explicit permission. When permission is not given, the data is not collected or stored.

Greg Nees does not sell personal data: Greg Nees has never, and will never, collect personal data for the purpose of selling that data to other individuals or organizations.

TGC does not share personal data: TGC will never share any personal data it has collected with any third parties, be they individuals or organizations. The only exceptions to this rule are

  • if the person whose data is being shared has specifically requested in writing that TGC share this information with a third party.
  • Or, if TGC is legally required to share this information with a valid government agency.

Unsubscribe: For individuals on TGC’s mailing list who no longer wish to receive newsletters or notices about TGC workshops and webinars, it is simple to unsubscribe. Simply clicking one link at the bottom of the newsletter will permanently unsubscribe the individual from future emails.

Request for personal data: TGC will share all personal data it has collected from any individual if that individual makes a request for that data. TGC will provide the data in writing within 30 days of the request.

Erasure of personal data: If an individual requests it, TGC will erase the personal data of that individual unless there are specific legal requirements specifying that TGC must retain that data